individual psychotherapy

Are you looking for support that has professional, clinical and personal experience accepting and understanding psychedelic compounds?  We offer individual help personalized to meet your distinct needs.  All-inclusive support that can include:


  • Integrating psychedelic experiences

  • After-care, self-care and support after exploring with psychedelics

  • Intentional work with psychedelics

  • Education surrounding the psychedelic movement

  • Assess individual motivations to work with and use psychedelics through a harm-reductionist model

Modern Structure

experiential workshops

The experience of a psychedelic session can be replicated through many other experiential exercises such as, meditation, dreamwork, yoga and forms of Breathwork. 


The workshops are both offered:


  • Individually

  • Couples

  • Groups


These multiple faceted workshops explore your five senses, engage in your transformation, build a deeper understanding to your authenticity and explore your path to psychedelics as a part of your healing.

Abstract Architect

integration circle

This interactive group is for people who are considering using psychedelics, as well as people who have used any psychedelic compounds either for therapeutic or recreational purposes.


At this time psychedelics are being clinically researched around the world; however, they are still a schedule I illegal compound under the law of the United States of America. 


This group is:

  • An opportunity to explore peoples individual relationships to psychedelics in a group setting

  • A safe space to learn about the safety and surrounding needs one should have in place before and after using any psychedelic compounds

  • A confidential environment to learn about oneself and build community


This group is not:

  • A place to inquire about purchasing these compounds

  • A group setting where there is active drug use taking place


The focus is both actively directed by the facilitator and organically created with the support of the group members.


  • Groups traditionally range from 5 to 15 people per session.