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The Psychedelics Integration Handbook

This book is for you if you are wondering about whether to use psychedelics and, if you are using psychedelics, you want to be sure you are being safe and sane and getting the most out of your experience. The Psychedelics Integration Handbook is designed to help you bring psychedelic experiences into the flow of your life and maximize their potential for transformation. This is not a book with black and white answers but rather an offering to individual people who are wanting to explore all the possibilities for being alive and seeking wholeness.


The Psychedelics Integration Handbook contains historical perspective, maps of consciousness, approaches for integrating body-mind-spirit, and practical suggestions for all stages of psychedelic exploration. In contrast to other books on the topic, this handbook includes the reader as an active participant in the journey through the book, with frequent questions for the reader’s consideration (Now Your Turns) and Psychedelic Integration Exercises to assist explorers with discovering themselves and their highest potentials and purposes.


With attention to the “here and now” of the widely proclaimed contemporary “psychedelic renaissance,” the authors address difficult topics such as the shadow of psychedelics use, the demonization of psychedelics historically, the growth of lawful therapeutic uses for psychedelics, and the complicated relationship of psychedelics and mental health issues, including addiction.


  • Customer Reviews

    "I finished my first read of your book last night and I just want to commend you on your work. The book is wonderfully written, easy to follow, fun and interactive. It is a great contribution to the community. Thanks for sharing your work and your heart. I absolutely love it!"              -Thomas, Minneapolis, MN.

    "Thank you for writing this amazing book. I've read a literal "shit-ton" of books about psychedelics and yours is truly unique and very much needed as we seek to regain our individual, collective and universal balance. It addresses what has long been in the shadows, about how to work with psychedelics and maximize their therapeutic potential. 5 out of 5 stars."   -Matthew, Wilmington, NC


    "I've worked personally with Ryan to integrate my psychedelic experiences and there is no denying how powerfully and positively this has impacted my mental health and sense of well-being. The people who love me and care about me have commented about how wonderful it is to experience this version of me. I'm getting free of many of the pyschological ruts I was stuck in and living more authentically. I'm also showing up with more confidence and letting my voice be heard."

    -Michael, St. Paul, MN