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The P-R-E-P before the experience

In my psychedelic integration discussion groups for people who are considering experiencing psychedelics or needing to process a psychedelic journey, I have a set of questions to focus exploration of pre-session mindset. (this can also be used again after a experience).

Using the word P-R-E-P as an acronym, he invites consideration of Purpose, Reflection, Expectations, and Potential.

I encourage people to go from a macro level (universal) down to a micro level (personal) when contemplating working with psychedelics. It's important to remember not to judge yourself as you process this exercise.

Purpose - One of the most important questions you need to remind yourself is: Why? How? and What is the purpose of considering this work?

Reflection - What is your experience with this work? Have you ideas or preconceived notions that come from past stories or journeys?

Expectations - What is the outcome of this work? Will this lead you to a particular healing?

Potential - Are there any concerns (internal or external)? what are the ultimate possibilities? Do you find hope with this work?

Everything is Incubating

When I see people getting ready for a transformational experience, P-R-E-P is great and it's vital to remember all this needs to be incubated, nurtured and paced. By exploring your intention in an incubated manner you are then able to see things grow, sprout up and in this way potentially easier to process.

Be gentle, find purpose and let go.

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