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Our human heritage in psychedelics

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

From the vantage point of many people today, psychedelics are drugs that became popular in the 1960's with the hippies. This is true, but the real story dates back to a more an ancient time.

Anthropologists believe our ancestors have been using plants, barks, and animal secretions for purposes of healing, visions, and celebration since the dawn of humanity. Sometimes individual shamans would use a psychedelic to enter a trance to delve more healing and visionary skills. Or psychedelics were used in groups for sacred rituals, hedonistic festivals or rights of passage.

Why did our ancestors seek non-ordinary states?

Anthropologists believe that non-ordinary states were used for these reasons:

  • To connect with wise and powerful realms for purposes of healing and guidance

  • To cure illness in individuals or groups

  • To align their communities with deities and nature

  • To understand and find solutions to challenges or issues

  • And to celebrate and enjoy life

When you acknowledge that psychedelics have the potential to reconnect you to a spiritual realm, we are talking about an all loving, all knowing idea where everything is understood and forgiven and where the template for connection and wholeness exists. That said, we do know some archetypal forces that may kick your butt during psychedelics work if you are not honest with yourself about your own life and history. The discovery with psychedelics in the end is simply a discovery of reality.

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